About Us

One-Stop Shop For An Unparalleled Customer Experience

Our one-stop-shop service supports our clients deliver life-saving projects with speed, cost savings, and quality beyond expectations. By integrating our technologies, expertise, and commitment, we pride ourselves on having no limits to what we can achieve. Our solutions fulfill your project needs at every stage, improving your processes and accelerating speed to market.

Worldwide Excellence Ensures Optimal Resource Allocation

Medeologix brings innovative manufacturing solutions for components, subassemblies, and finished products. Our facilities specialize in various cutting-edge technologies, encompassing extrusion, balloon forming, advanced catheter technologies, assembly, packaging, and more. Strategically positioned for success, we guarantee efficient resource allocation, providing top-tier solutions that prioritize cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience, providing highly-integrated and streamlined production services with full product lifecycle management to meet requirements of all kinds.

Lean-Driven Efficiency In Smart Manufacturing

Our 80,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facilities are designed to meet client requirements competitively and efficiently. Leveraging smart manufacturing principles, our production facility provides cost-effective solutions for both pilot and mass production by minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency. This enables us to deliver high-quality products at competitive prices, ensuring exceptional value and performance for our clients. With advanced technology and streamlined processes, we guarantee optimal results, making us the ideal partner for all your production needs.

Quality At Its Finest

The team at Medeologix recognizes that we’re not merely manufacturing products; we're making components and finished devices crucial for saving or improving patients' lives. Our Global Quality Vision and Policy guarantee unwavering quality and compliance across all locations and stages of the product lifecycle.

  1. ISO 13485 Certified
  2. FDA Registered
  3. ISO Class 7 Certified Cleanroom Controlled Environments

Agile Project Management

Medeologix's Agile Project Management isn't just about efficiency; it's about accelerating our clients' time to market. Our project managers are always committed to leveraging Medeologix’s full range of capabilities to offer customized solutions tailored to clients’ exact needs.

With our deep familiarity with clinical applications and regulatory affairs, we are adept at identifying critical points and providing appropriate recommendations.

These expertise enables us to streamline the path to market, ensuring that every project is not only managed effectively but also innovatively expedited. With Agile, we don't just manage projects; we expedite development, enabling our clients to gain a competitive edge and achieve faster market penetration.

Our Vision & Mission


Strategically collaborate with our clients to spearhead the development and delivery of life-saving innovations worldwide, ultimately enhancing the well-being of patients everywhere.

Our vision is to collaborate with our clients, bringing life-saving solutions to enhance patient care worldwide.


Be the most steadfast development and manufacturing services partner in the medical device industry.

Our mission is to be the most steadfast development and manufacturing services partner in the medical industry by seamlessly integrating the global supply chain with our engineering expertise and competitive production solutions. With a deep understanding of our clients' needs, we actively listen to their voices, empowering us to bring their groundbreaking innovations to fruition.