Dr. Ming H. Wu, Former Senior Vice President of Engineering at Edwards Lifesciences, Joins Medeologix as Board Member and Advisor

2023 Oct. 09

[NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan, Oct.10th,2023] Medeologix, a global medical device contract development and manufacturing company known for its one-stop shop service with engineering excellence, is pleased to announce that Dr. Ming H. Wu has joined as a board member and advisor. 

Dr. Wu, a revered industry veteran, greatly adds to Medeologix team’s breadth and capability with his extensive knowledge of Nitinol materials and 35 years of insights from the cardiovascular medical device industry. Throughout his illustrious career at Edwards Lifesciences, he played a pivotal role in advancing cutting-edge technologies in heart valve design, testing and manufacturing. As the head of advanced engineering, he directed material R&D and testing, computational solid and fluid modeling, prototyping, process development, and early device concept innovation for future generation surgical and percutaneous heart valve implants, and structural heart interventional devices. 

"In today's rapidly evolving landscape, where innovative cardiovascular medical device concepts are emerging, the ability to accelerate the journey from concept to matured product design is essential. A reliable partner like Medeologix, with its efficient one-stop approach and expertise in design for manufacturability and scaled-up manufacturing, is device industry’s ideal collaborator. I am honored to join the Medeologix board, where I can continue to contribute my expertise in the medical device industry, supporting more research and development efforts in realizing their market potentials," stated Dr. Wu. 

 “We are privileged to have Dr. Wu join us, and with his extensive experience in materials, components and catheter developments, we believe we can offer our valued customers more comprehensive services at every stage of their product journey,” Albert Weng, Executive Vice President of Medeologix, expressed. “With Dr. Wu's invaluable supports on our board, leading us in crafting strategies and guiding technological advancements, Medeologix's future direction will be fortified with unwavering strength. This will also enable us to meet many challenges that our clients face, and ultimately contributing to their successes.”  With Dr. Wu’s joining as a board member and advisor, Medeologix is able to further enhance its technology capability and industry networking, and demonstrate its dedication to serving customers’ needs.

More about Ming H. Wu

Dr. Ming H. Wu, a former Senior VP of Engineering at Edwards Lifesciences and an expert in Nitinol materials, and device designs and developments, holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Illinois. Before joining Edwards Lifesciences, Dr. Wu had held a variety of senior-level management positions, including VP and General Manager, and VP Technology, at Memry Corporation, a Nitinol materials and device component manufacturing company. Dr. Wu has authored more than 60 publications, multiple patents, and a book chapter on cardiovascular implantable devices. His influence extends through advisory roles on the Industrial Advisory Boards for the Materials Science and Engineering and the Biomedical Engineering programs at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as for the Materials Engineering program at Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut. Dr. Wu is a Fellow of American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE), committee members of ASM, ASTM and ISO Heart Valve Nitinol Work Group. He also served as an editorial board member for the Journal of Shape Memory and Superelasticity. His affiliation and involvement in Shape Memory and Superelasticity (SMST) has helped shape the field of materials science and engineering for medical device applications. 

About Medeologix

Medeologix (www.Medeologix.com) with its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is a MedTech CDMO group with development centers and manufacturing facilities located in California USA and Taiwan. It is founded with the goal of helping MedTech companies around the globe to go from concept to product launch to mass-production. Medeologix provides a suite of vertically integrated technology know-how and state-of-the-art engineering design and manufacturing capabilities to produce leading edge medical tubing, custom balloons, catheter and many other devices of the highest quality and greatest efficiency at very competitive total cost.  For more information, please send your inquiry to info@medeologix.com