Engineering Services

Development For Efficiency And Cost-Effectiveness

Medeologix has deep clinical know-how and experience in developing and manufacturing minimally invasive medical devices for demanding applications. Our engineering expertise encompasses product and process development, focusing on accelerating product life cycle, minimizing waste, and reducing costs. With a commitment to manufacturability and efficiency, our experienced engineering team collaborates closely with clients to transform concepts into market-ready solutions.

Design For Manufacturing (DFM) Solutions

As a contract development and manufacturing organization with over 35 years of DFM expertise in 510(k) and PMA products, we incorporate DFM principles to streamline production, minimize costs, and ensure consistent quality, safety, and performance. This optimizes product development to meet industry standards, accelerating time-to-market while maintaining high reliability and effectiveness.

Risk Mitigation

  1. Mitigate risks in early stage
  2. Accelerate product life cycle

Faster Time to Market

  1. Reduce iteration
  2. Expedite development

Cost Effectiveness

  1. Minimize the complexity of assembly processes
  2. Semi- to full automation for key operations

Product Performance Optimization

  1. Optimal material selection
  2. Optimize the processes for manufacturability

Rapid Prototyping

Our rapid prototyping service accelerates your product development process, turning your concepts into functional prototypes quickly and efficiently. With cutting-edge technology and a team of skilled engineers, we can produce high-fidelity prototypes that closely match your final product. This enables you to test, refine, and validate your designs in a fraction of the time, ensuring faster time-to-market. Whether you need a single prototype or multiple iterations, our rapid prototyping service ensures you get the precise models you need to move your project forward with confidence.

Process Development

Our engineering experts are dedicated to helping you develop and produce a cost-effective, high-quality product that meets your exact specifications. Our comprehensive process development services cover every stage of product engineering, from initial concept to final production. We assist in the complete process development, including testing and prototyping, to ensure your tool or device is engineered to perfection. Trust our team to guide you through every step, delivering a reliable and efficient solution tailored to your needs.


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