About Us


Second Source Medical LLC (SSM), a Medeologix company, is an FDA-registered medical device contract manufacturing company in San Jose, California. Our experienced engineers assist clients with their design, process and assembly needs to create solutions which address their requirements. SSM occupies over 22,000 square ft lab, office, warehouse and controlled environment space dedicated to manufacturing and process engineering. We focus on, but are not limited to, micro catheters, balloon catheters; braided or coiled wire, hydrophilic coating, and other angioplasty equipment.

Our goal is to enable clients the most rapid time-to-market possible by providing engineering and manufacturing support to expand clients’ capabilities. Creating cost effective solutions to the typical resource-constrained manufacturing projects, SSM is focused on enabling clients to achieve their potential. 

Established in 2004, Second Source Medical's mission was to meet the growing manufacturing needs of medical device companies seeking to reduce costs and accelerate their time to commercialization.  The current medical device industry trend focuses company efforts on key technologies/critical core competencies, often moving away from the traditional vertically-integrated business model. SSM provides engineering, pilot production, and mass  manufacturing capabilities to companies looking for a new way of successfully managing this changing business environment.